Interchange – Fall 2009

We are continuing to settle into our newly enlarged space. This winter our new facilities will allow us to serve for the first time as a host congregation for the homeless shelter program (PACEM) in which we have participated for the last several years. Friends have been dealing with loss, illness and the effects of the economic downturn, but we have joyfully greeted the graduations of younger Friends as well as new recorded memberships.

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Spiritual State of the Meeting – 2008

Our Meeting grew in spiritual strength through painful struggle, loving confrontation, and careful listening and healing, as well as through diverse opportunities to celebrate and work together. This was a unique year as we completed remodeling our building and as we focused in a new way on what we are as a community. Blessed with the addition of physical space and new Friends, we continue looking for better ways to organize this growing community of ministers. We feel deep sadness that some Friends were hurt along the way. We were encouraged that healing had begun by year’s end. Continue reading

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Interchange – Spring 2009

Our new building addition is now up and running, with a mortgage secured. We marked its opening with a short but heartfelt celebration in February. We are still adjusting to the new space, and spent the fall months dealing with innumerable smaller issues, from the installation of kitchen cabinets and sinks to mulch, heat settings and bicycle racks. The building process has sometimes been stressful, and our Ministry & Worship Committee has organized several worship sharing sessions to help heal the tensions and strains in the Meeting community. Continue reading

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Interchange – Fall 2008

The ongoing renovation and extension of our Meeting House has occupied much of our energy this year. With the major work basically completed we are now dealing with items like painting, furniture, lighting, flooring and landscaping. Budgeting and mortgage issues remain front and center. We are also having to devote some thought about how best to configure and use the new space, both for neighborhood and community organizations and for our own Religious Education program. Continue reading

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